I have recently joined a guided tour traveling in the Yellowstone national park. Our group spent quite a bit time driving, going in and out the park numerous times. While I didn’t have to worry about where to go next, I was thinking what if I could log the GPS coordinates of the path I have traveled, and plot them on a map? The map, aside from being cool to show to friends, would become a memoir of places I have traveled, and serve as a reference when I travel to the same location again next time.

It ends up…

Pandemic brought us a lot of opportunities to spend time with our loved ones, and also with our home computer. If you are interested in data, and comfortable working in Linux, setting up an infrastructure for big data similar to those used in big tech companies is easier than you think. Follow this tutorial for how to get your toes wet in a home-build data lake and data warehouse.

Photo by Taylor Vick on Unsplash


MySQL is often used to store structured data, and serve real time traffic (show your facebook profile). This is what we call “online data”. Companies usually take a snapshot of all…


An engineer working in bay area

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